i like sleeping and led zeppelin and nothing else
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October 18th

"I was on a magazine cover. Do you want to see?""Absolutely."
I live in a kind of tension between the will to say yes to my suffering, and my inability to utter this yes with complete sincerity.
written by Karl Jaspers, Man in the Modern Age (via crematedadolescent)

Anonymous said: Wait how long did you smoke for?

Uuuummm for a bit

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October 16th

Born on this day,  Oscar Wilde
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October 16th



Eating chicken nuggets

Anonymous said: do you smoke cigarettes? if you do then what kind?

I quit in January but I was partial to number 7 menthols and marlboro reds

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October 12th

Valentino S/S 2015  RTW
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October 9th
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October 9th
No one has the right to sexual arousal—but when one population’s erotic needs are being consistently and catered to and another’s is entirely ignored, that’s a problem not only because the party being objectified is stripped of agency but because, by showing nude women constantly and not nude men, the show is perpetuating the power dynamic it ostensibly critiques in the present: it is literally saying that the only viewers with a right to sexual arousal are male.
written by "Game of Thrones" fails the female gaze: Why does prestige TV refuse to cater erotically to women? (via jaimescersei)